Compatibily Test

Ableton Live Standard and Suite

Cubase Pro 

FL Studio Fruity, Producer, and Signature Editions

Logic Pro X 

Pro Tools and Pro Tools Ultimate 

Studio One Artist and Professional 

Reason Intro, Standard, and Suite

The DAWs above natively support Groove Extraction (i.e., extracting the timing logic from our MIDI files and applying that timing logic to your existing tracks as custom quantization settings (“Groove Extraction”).

We provide a User Manual on how to set up Groove Extraction in the above DAWs. If you do not currently have one of the DAWs above, so long as your DAW reads MIDI files, you can use the groove templates as MIDI notes that can trigger sounds in your DAW.

Note that all DAWs are different and may vary in their ability to read MIDI and do Groove Extraction. As such, results may vary. We provide a Free Unity Groove (see the website footer)  in case you would like to see how one of our groove templates work.