Groove License


Subject to your purchase of the Groove Product from Vocal Pockets, LLC (“Vocal Pockets”), Vocal Pockets grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty-free license in and to Vocal Pockets’s rights in the Groove Product to use the Groove Product in your Songs. Without limiting Vocal Pockets’s other rights, you may not (i) sublicense, sell, distribute, or make publicly available any Groove Product including any derivative work thereof, (ii) disclose to any third party the timing and velocity information contained within any Groove Product or (iii) use any Groove Product to develop any competing product or service.

The above license grant and restrictions will apply to any Groove Product that Vocal Products may provide to you.

“Groove Product” means the MIDI (.mid) file(s) that you obtained from Vocal Pockets (including the timing and velocity information contained therein) and any files for a digital audio workstation related thereto.

“Song” means a musical work consisting of sound recordings and musical notes.