What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. We may make other payment options, such as PayPal and Apply Pay, available from time to time.

Any available payment options will be listed on the Checkout page.

How will I receive the product I purchased?

Through our direct delivery system powered by Shopify, you can download the purchased product instantly after checking out. We also send a download link to the email address you provide during checkout. If you do not see the download link in your email after at least 10 minutes after purchase, please check your spam folder.

If your on a Windows, you can consider using a free archive utility tool, such as 7-Zip, to unzip the file that you receive.

Will your tools work with my DAW?

Groove Chords are MIDI files that work in all DAWs that allow you to import MIDI (e.g., everything from Garageband to Pro Tools).

Groove Builders are provided as MIDI files and work in all DAWs that support custom quantization settings. We provide a training video and guidance on how to set up and use Groove Builders in the following DAWs which are referred to as “Supported DAWs”:

- Ableton Live Standard and Suite
- Cubase Pro
- FL Studio Fruity, Producer, and Signature Editions
- Logic Pro X
- Nuendo
- Studio One Artist and Professional
- Reason Intro, Standard, and Suite

For FL Studio, Ableton Live Standard & Suite, and Logic, we also provide FL Score files, Groove Pool files and a template, respectively, that will help you get set up to use Groove Builders in seconds.

You don’t need to install anything extra to use Groove Builders in Supported DAWs. Please note that DAWs are coded differently so results may be specific to your DAW. We provide the same MIDI files for each DAW to read and have tested and enjoyed using Groove Builders in each Supported DAW.

Are Groove Builders royalty-free and do I need to credit you?

Yes, you can use the product royalty-free in your Songs.

If you represent a business that sells or distributes audio loops, MIDI packs or similar products to music producers via an online store and would like to use Groove Builders in your product (e.g., you want to sell or distribute audio drum loops that use Groove Builders to music producers), please get in contact to discuss the appropriate license as our standard license does not extend to this use (team(at)vocalpockets.com). For additional information, you can review the Groove License in the website’s footer.

With respect to credit, you do not need to formally credit us. We do ask (on the honor system) that you let us know (e.g., tag us on Instagram (@vocalpockets) or email us (team(at)vocalpockets.com)) if you get a placement using Groove Builders. We are a small business and your acknowledgement helps us grow and allows us to continue making helpful tools for musicians. We spent years thinking about this product and are genuinely interested in helping music advance so all the help you can give counts! We’ve already received reports from users who have gotten placements using Groove Builders and we hope to hear more producer success stories!

Can you tell me about the security of your site?

We take security seriously. Our website is powered by Shopify. Per Shopify’s policies, websites powered by Shopify are by default Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant.

We also received a TrustedSite certification. In order to obtain this certification, we passed TrustedSite’s security scan. We continue to take steps to maintain this certification.

Do you have a refund policy?

Generally, given the nature of the products that we provide (i.e., digital files that once sent, cannot be revoked), we do not offer refunds or store credit. However, certain products may have a different refund policy and if there is a different refund policy (like in the case of the Super Groove Pack), we will inform you of the policy.

How are Groove Builders different than swing settings on my old drum machine?

There are several key differences. Swing settings from a drum machine are just that—they are tied to that specific machine. By contrast, Groove Builders are diverse in that they are inspired by multiple top producers and songs across different genres. As a result, our Groove Builders can give you more relevant, exciting and dynamic results. Relatedly, we’d guess that [Insert Drum Machine Name] at 58% swing doesn’t mean much to most producers off the top. We give you a sense of the genre that inspired the Groove Builder. This allows you to easily combine feelings from multiple genres on a track to come up with fun and unique results. For example, you can use a Groove Builder inspired by a hip-hop song/producer on your hi hats and a Groove Builder inspired by a reggae song on your rimshot.

Further, swing settings from old drum machines were developed prior to the emergence of many of today’s modern genres and sounds. We keep modern genres and sounds in mind when developing our products. Relatedly, swing settings from drum machines have already been used tons of times by producers. Groove Builders provide you with new timing variations that create new melodic spaces for a vocalist to perform which can lead to new catchy hooks.

Finally, whereas swing settings from an old drum machine may just have timing information, Groove Builders have carefully-crafted velocity information. What that means is even if you do not want to apply the timing of a Groove Builder, you can apply the velocity information contained within the file in seconds to hi-hats to make them sound more realistic and natural. 

How can I use Groove Builders to create my own signature feeling?

As a producer, you have sounds, styles and tempos that you like to use. Blend our Groove Builders with what you’ve already recorded using your DAW’s quantization panel to come up with something that speaks to you. For example, you may blend the timing of “Groove Builder 1” at (a) 80% on a hi hat pattern that you recorded and (b) 35% on a melody that you played.

Additionally, you can combine different Groove Builders in ways other producers are not thinking about to come up with something unique. For example, you may apply (a) Groove Builder 2 on your snare pattern and (b) Groove Builder 3 on only the downbeat kick drum. Because we’re able to provide the Groove Builders in the formats we do, you can easily apply and scale your preferred feeling to your other songs. You’re in control of how much groove and bounce you add.

How much time and money can Groove Builders save me?

Groove Builders can save you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars and countless hours.

For example, to hire a drummer to play a pattern off the grid, you would likely need to spend hundreds of dollars (i) booking a studio with proper mics and room treatment (ii) and compensating the drummer and recording engineer for their work.

You would also need to spend time (a) finding a drummer, (b) scheduling time with the drummer and (c) negotiating rates. At the end of the session, you would have some examples of the feeling of one specific drummer and the specific sounds of the drum that the drummer used.

*By contrast, you can download Groove Builders today, access them 24/7, use them with all of your favorite samples (including non-percussive samples) and blend in feelings inspired by multiple top producers with your own songs to give your music better bounce and develop your own signature sound.

As another example, some producers decide to manually nudge notes. This is an inefficient way of adding better bounce and developing a signature sound. When you manually nudge notes, you need to go through a tedious trial and error process. For each instrument, you need to decide (i) which notes to nudge and (ii) how much to manually nudge each note. After you do this for one song, you need to undergo the same process again for other songs.

If you make 10 beats in a month, you’re repeating the same manual nudging process 10 times, and if you use different samples, different tempos and different patterns in songs, the amount you nudged notes in the first song may not be the ideal amount to nudge notes in other songs. That’s 120 times going through this manual, guesswork process in a year, and in some songs, you may settle for an average bounce due to fatigue.

(And we haven’t even talked about the time it takes to manually draw hi hat velocities for each of the 120 songs.)

*By contrast, once you save Groove Builders in your DAW, you can find the perfect groove for your tracks in seconds using the timing feature and VD4H (velocity designed for hi hats) and start developing a signature sound that will make your music more identifiable.

How can I contact you?

In case your question is not answered on this page or on the Help Center, you can reach out to us at: team(at)vocalpockets.com.

Don't see your question above? Check out our Help Center for more information.